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Since 1977, our mission as cycling apparel manufacturers has been to make products in step with innovation, through attention to detail, to our entirely made in Italy production and handmade in our factory. We pay special attention to garment construction, from pattern making to fabric selection to ensure maximum comfort for those who use our products.

We design custom apparel for teams, for companies and even in small batches thanks to our graphic designers who create amazing graphics. This is what we lend ourselves to be and we aim for technological growth also thanks to you customers who provide us with insights and reviews.

Below you will find a small manual on the proper use of our garments to increase their longevity over time.


Size guide.

All our products are made through rather race fit modeling to create perfect fit on the skin.

For each item there is a table with measurement references for chest waist and hips to find the perfect size.

I remember that if you want to wear the garment slightly more abundant than choose one size up.



As cycling apparel manufacturers, theconscious use of our items is the most valuable advice we can offer you, which is to try to bring respect to:

Seams and fabrics , do not pull them sharply while being worn;

Zipper, try to get the cursor in perfectly before closing.

Try simulating the position on the bike by gently wearing the garments.

The shorts are ergonomically designed for a perfect position on the saddle, our advice is to get the right size if not a size smaller so as to avoid extra chafing.


Washing and Maintenance

- Wash garments immediately after use following the directions on the label sewn inside our products.

- Wash clothing separately from other garments or accessories to prevent friction or possible abrasion.

- Turn garments inside out before washing.

- Hand wash (MAX 30°).

- Do not use bleach or fabric softener; the detergent should be liquid.

- Do not dry clean.

- Do not soak, scrub or wring out the garment to remove excess water.

- Avoid drying by directly exposing to sunlight.

- Do not iron.

- Dry the garment possibly flat or hang it up, out of sunlight.

- Do not spin.

- Store the garment making sure it is perfectly dry.


Garment repair service

Making technical cycling apparel is what we do best, and as cycling apparel manufacturers we strive to provide you with the best service you could ask for.

Each garment is checked with special attention to every aspect. Fabric, color, stitching are carefully viewed before and during making.

Despite the attention to detail we bring to our products making them unique and safe we offer a repair service.

In case you need to return the product you purchased for repair or warranty issues, our advice is to come directly to our factory. If you should have difficulty coming to the factory, please send the garment by mail or we will send a courier directly to your home to make the pickup. In either situation, our goal as cycling apparel manufacturers is to solve the problem as best we can.


1. Return to the Company

- Bring the garment washed and dried.


2. Return for shipping.

- Wash and dry the garment.

- Put the item back in a package enclosing a detailed description of the problem.

Include your full name, shipping address for the return of goods

- Please attach the purchase receipt

- Pack your garment carefully

- Send the package via insured mail or courier and keep the shipping receipt. Shipping costs will be your responsibility.


Send to :


Via Del Lavoro 7

47043 Sant'Angelo di Gatteo (FC)


Full and partial repairs under warranty are generally free of charge, but as cycling apparel manufacturers we reserve the right to evaluate on a case-by-case basis. For full and partial repairs that are out of warranty and therefore subject to cost I will consult with you in advance before making the repair.


Fabric pilling

Pilling on fabric is the result of abrasion due to a number of factors.

How can it be avoided?

- Do not use embroidered saddles.

- Beware of Velcro fasteners on accessories that may come in contact with shorts (such as when washing).

- Tearing of the thigh and buttocks can create pillino if in contact with the saddle.

Unfortunately, these types of damage cannot be repaired as this problem does not turn out to be a manufacturing defect attributable to us cycling apparel manufacturers.


Detachment of the backplate

Any problem found on the backstitching of the backstitch (darkened spots or detachment of the backstitch) attributable to a manufacturing defect will be repaired free of charge.

Should we instead find inadequate maintenance of the product, the repair will be carried out at the customer's expense.

Hinge breakage under warranty.

If the garment is under warranty the defective zipper will be replaced with a new zipper.

Should we instead find inadequate maintenance of the product, the repair will be carried out at the customer's expense.

Comfort issues.

They are mainly due to choosing the wrong size, normally larger than necessary. In this case, unfortunately, we cannot be responsible as cycling apparel manufacturers, but we will do our best to find a solution to fit the garment.

If the cause is not the size please contact us before returning the garment.